Thursday, March 15, 2012

Road to recovery

It is now 8 days since Ryker's surgery and he is recovering beautifully! He is off his pacemaker, and most medications. His heart is still showing a bit of blood surrounding it on his chest xray, but he is on lasix to try and get rid of that extra fluid.
They have stopped his around-the-clock adovan and are only giving it to periodically to decrease the chances of withdrawl symptoms.
My handsome boy gave me a big smile yesterday.. the first since his surgery. When I looked into those big brown eyes and saw that big toothless smile I just knew.. everything is going to be okay.
We are now in the ICE room in the peds cardiology unit.. one step closer to home. I am so proud of all the hurdles my boy has overcome. He is my hero!

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  1. What a fighter! I am so glad he is doing well :)